a daily feast

I like to think of Play-Based Centers as a daily feast!  We have given our students interesting and useful ingredients and tools, through intentionally chosen materials and crafted, themed spaces.  Our students are not chefs, they have not yet mastered culinary skills. So we have also modeled how to make certain recipes and taught them basic techniques, through guided play, and explicit instruction during and outside of PBC block.  

But someone does not become a master chef by memorizing recipes or by watching other people cook.  Although these are valuable experiences, they are not the most important part of learning the art and science of cooking. 

In order to improve any skill, we must have opportunities for meaningful practice.  And in order to become life-long, passionate learners, we must have the opportunity to make meaningful connections through self-directed experiences.  

Play-Based Centers is an ideal opportunity for our students to experience the freedom to explore, practice, build skills, create, and make connections.  And maybe to begin to master the art and science of becoming.     

Play on, my friends.  

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